Sophie Malgat Wears Dior in Dior's Passy Home, 1953

Sophie Malgat in Gray Chiffon Dior in Dior’s Paris Home. Outtake from a shoot for Life Nov. 9, 1953 issue. Mark Shaw’s camera captured this Dior clad model in the sunroom of Dior’s home in Passy. Gicleé print on Hahnemϋhle photo rag paper.

10" x 10" image on 11" x 17" paper, 16" x 16"image on 17" x 22" paper, 22" x 22" image on 24" x 36" paper, 40" x 40" image on 44" x 45" paper

Reference: dh_dior_malgat_gray_diors_home


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